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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ideology that pits safety concerns. >> reporter: the event was being cancelled on campus. the university said reports of the first amendment before a student organization commits to
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hosting an event we need to first work together to determine if a suitable venue is available at that time. >> if we had had adequate time to work with the republicans to work with this event, to locate a venue, to let the police do the sort of security assessment they needed to do, i'm pretty confident this event wouldn't have been happening on april 27. >> reporter: the campus has obligation to make sure people are safe. anne coulter spoke with top news saying she would be in berkeley as planned. >> we'll find out if they arrest me when i show up to give my speech. this is a taxpayer funded institution, not to mention lots of kids getting federal money to be there. attorney general sessions should be looking at this. >> reporter: berkeley has been a battle ground with polarized politics leading to violent clashes. the university says they're concerned after they had to cancel right wing milo
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yiannopoulos's speech after fighting broke out. >> we created bridge with the hope of bridging the usa, we think it's important for students of all political interpretations. >> i have respect for both the democrats and republicans on campus. i really wish they would work together better. and i feel like there's -- >> reporter: the college republicans say they've identified alternate venues both off and off campus that can accommodate the 300 people they were expecting and hoping to have it next week. >> but what does the university say if you ask them why they didn't start planning earlier? obviously they had trouble with the milo thing, now the anne coulter thing, it seems like they've had time. >> reporter: well one of the things they've said, they needed more time and advance notice of the specific dates so that they could identify a venue. and after milo, they did a review they said and decided that nighttime events were not as safe and certain locations on
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campus were not as safe. that's why they're trying to it look at things differently after that event. >> okay, jana katsuyama, thank you. #129s century fox says bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. quote after a thorough and careful review of allegations against him, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that mr. o'reilly will not return to the fox news channel. o'reilly's departure follows reports ha several women accused him of sexual harassment. he spent nor than 20 years at fox news the eye reilly factor. 21st century fox says tucker carlson will move fl to o'reilly's top spot. we're learning more about a shooting rampage in fresno that police say was racially motivated. the three men are 33-year-old
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zachary randall, a married father of two toddlers. 37-year-old mark gosett, another married father. and david jackson. police say a security guard at a motel was also killed by the same gunman last week. the suspect under arrest corey ma ham ad had uploaded racially charged rap videos, he targeted because they were white. prosecutors could seek the death penalty -- death penalty against him. he will be arraigned later this week. the san francisco district attorney says 61-year-old albert williams faces felony embezzlement charges. authorities say williams used various schemes to conceal how much money he collected. they say he stole hundreds of dollars in cash each month but they didn't release a total amount. going forward they're going to consider eliminating the cash payments on cable cars. a man threatening to jump off the elevated platform at the walnut creek station today brought the afternoon commute to a halt.
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it all started around 1:30 this afternoon when a man climbed out on a small ledge at the station and threatened to jump. that began a four hour standoff with police. it also led to the walnut creek bart station being closed. the standoff finally ended when the man was convinced to climb down a fire truck ladder. bart had stopped trains from going to the walnut creek station and that caused major delays for commuters on the point line, large crowds had to get off at lafayette and stand in long lines for the bus bridge that had been set up by bart. the bart stoppage was good for uber drivers as surge pricing kicked in. at the lafayette, that's a distance of less than 10 miles ended up costing people between 40 and $60. a landslide undermined a bridge and a popular back road between oakland and la miraga. a bridge can be in danger of
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collapsing because of structural damage. the land keeps shifting. that bridge is closed to all traffic including pedestrian and bikes. engineers are studying this slide in hopes of repairing or replacing the bridge but they say that could take a year or more. canyon road connects miragea with the small community of canyon, people use it to commute. now they'll have to use the caldecut tunnel to get around. light ups and marijuana, terry moriarty tells us this year's 4/20 event is also getting support from nearby businesses. >> reporter: 4/20 festival on hippy hill. >> keep talking! >> reporter: it typically drives the ire of neighbors, police, and officials. that's because marijuana revellers got unruly, leaving 20,000 pounds of litter behind. it was a $140,000 bill the city ended up footing. >> the clean up, traffic control, ask increased security
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came at a huge cost to taxpayers. that's why this year we're trying something different. >> reporter: the notoriously unorganized bash is getting a makeover. >> to continue, we've got to do it now because they're putting up the barriers. >> reporter: that's thanks to alex akino and a group of eighth street store owners. >> this is my block and my life up here, i wanted to make something, make it better. >> reporter: akino who owns the black scale clothing shop rallied other merchants, the green door dispensary and the diamond supply clothing company to clean up 4/20 festivities. >> it could be shut down like what they did [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they put up $100,000 to pay for fences, extra security, ambulances, a medical tent, and 200 portable toilets. there will be food trucks and booths, no alcohol, no bluegrass glass bongs and no children. >> we have partnered with the
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children protective services and we will take enforcement action if necessary. >> reporter: california voters passed the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, you still can't smoke it out in public until 2018. but police can't arrest 20,000 people. >> it is what it is. and on, we've posted more on the celebration, including pictures from past years. look under web links. a big test for the golden state warriors playing game two of their playoff series against portland and they had it to do it without kevin durant. >> ktvu sports reporter joe -- fonzi live there, it turned out to be a good part for them. >> reporter: they knew they had to get contributions, not just kevin durant, but the warriors knew they would be missing going
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in to tonight's game with portland and the warriors responded by jumping out to a big heat in the game, 33-17. but then in the 2nd quarter, the blazers pulled within one and that's when those guys that had been role players much of the season all of a sudden started making an impact. first it was patrick mccall who got the start tonight in place of durant, a rookie who didn't play much in game one but was asked to start game two, key three, they got the warriors rolling once again. but the guy that really seemed to change the dynamic of the game and make the maximum of the minute he's in is mcgee. mcgee played just 13 minutes but during that time, he was 7-7 from the field, 15 points, five rebounds, four blocked shots. and just made an incredible impact. steve kerr talked about not only those games but clark, west, andre, the bench contributed in this game. >> the bench was great, scored a
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lot of points, really came through for us. i thought andre was tremendous pushing the ball and david west made great passes to ian and given us great minutes, playing with that athleticism and that energy. he's still able to cover their smaller players and then be a force around the rim. we feel like we have a very deep team and we needed that tonight. we needed every guy and they came through. >> oh, man. the energy was amazing. i've never experienced, you know, that power and the energy. my first time, it was exciting just, you know, knocking down a few shots. making the right play, you know, playing the defense. it was awesome. >> a little bit of a mystery, where was kevin durant, he wasn't on the bench, livingston was, he was back in the locker room, he was seen after the game. now you can bet on the fact that between thousand and saturday when the series resumes in portland, the question everybody's going to again be
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asking is will kevin durant's strained calf be well enough for him to play again on game three? the one thing the warriors know and found out tonight, and actually found out during that time when kevin was absent much of the season, not much of the season but for about a month toward the tail end of the season is that they are very capable of other people rising to the occasion when they need to, that's what they did tonight. reporting live from oakland, joe fonzi, back to you. >> thank you, joe fonzi, live for us thank you. a middle school student was honored for the quick tig that -- thinking that helped save his uncle's live. perez is a 12-year-old, he was given the hero's award, his uncle was having a diabetes related medical emergency. he told the dispatcher his uncle was unconscious and barely breathing. >> i called 911, and they gave me all the stuff to do for him and i picked him up and laid him
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on like the couch and stuff. >> he remained calm, he did everything i asked him to do. he saved his uncle's life. >> because of that, call to 911, paramedics arrived and were able to stabilize adrian's uncle and take him to the hospital where he recovered. washington politics here at home. bay area congressmen fielded questions tonight about immigration, the environment, and the new trump administration. >> can't go back in washington and hide. and sea world has a new baby orca, the final birth of the theme park against the backlash of captive breeding. we've got showers in the north bay right now, the tune of a quarter of an inch in some places. all tracking on the radar.
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. a bay area host eded another congressional town hall meeting tonight. congressman thompson met with 400 constituents and as ktvu's rob malcolm reports, he faced a range of questions from topics of immigration to climate change. >> it relies heavily on immigrant workers as they make up 71% of the agricultural work force. >> reporter: the town hall was for everyone, even students who posted questions but congressman of california's fifth district. >> people who are business owners, agriculturalists, education, healthcare, everybody's very worried about where we go in regard to immigration. >> what measures can be taken to
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prevent the construction of the wall? >> reporter: from immigration, education, and even the environment, it was all on the table and congressman thompson was here to listen. in a packed gymnasium at venesia high school. >> you can't go back to washington and hide, you need to be with the people you represent and tell them what you're doing to address the issues that are of concern to them and to our communities. >> what do we do to hold them accountable? >> reporter: many of them demanding their own -- manning their own tables, sharing a personal message. others with signs hoping the congressman would listen. deandre's message to the congressman was pointed and direct. >> we want the congressman to call this legislation what it is, what people understand what it is, truly fascist regime. >> reporter: the event was sponsored by [ indiscernible ] patriotic resistance, the groups formed after the 2016
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presidential election. despite the results, congressman thompson answered some critics who argued that democrats have somehow lost their voice. >> you have to remember that lz a republican -- there's a republican in the white house, republicans control both houses of congress, they have the mega phone. they're the ones able to schedule what will and will not be heard, what measures come up for a vote. it's
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test test test testing have assembled. so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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you just have to wonder what they're thinking in the trail blazers dress room. they beat us by 29 points and they didn't have kevin durant? >> well, the thing is they can't feel lonely because this victory by the warriors, 29 points, the warriors have won by 25 or more points. that's more than any other team, although it really wasn't expected tonight, everybody kind of freaking out a little bit about kevin durant on the sidelines. we thought we got him after the game, still bothered by the calf muscle, no word on whether he'll get to play, back in portland, corey to the bucket. up for mcgee, quickly becoming a pan favorite, seven for seven
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tonight, 3rd quarter, warriors 28-12 over the blazers, curry one of his four steals and he goes the distance with that one. he has 19 points, didn't need him to score a whole lot. mccollins, lillard, the two big guns for portland, held the 23 points between them, clanged on the other hand, clay will get and shoot, that's what he's best at, popped it and the warriors win going away, the finger wave, the 2-0 lead, that's what you would call a complete team effort. >> we won almost by 30 points, everybody did a little bit of something. and, you know, that's especially important with k.d. out. when he goes out, you usually always say oh, man, that's going to have 30 and clay will have 30, but sometimes stars don't
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have big games and it's tough to win it. >> that was mcgee waiting for draymond to stop talking. mcgee, when a pleasant surprise. couple of the a's, they're going to have a lot of days like this because there's a lot of talent on this roster. beautiful afternoon for baseball, prior to the warriors game. oakland with a shot and josh, the back up catcher with a shot of his own in to right center field and a four run first inning against the rangers. and the a's are off to a quick 4-0 lead. pumped, let's get the play all that much but he cashes in, just like this guy. crash davis, that's what we're calling him. 9-1 thrashing, six strong innings for the a's gave up only one run for the victory.
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and speaking of the giants, i mean, bum gardner -- baumgartner, the giants highlight of the night in kansas city, probably that kid's haircut, looking pretty cute, not a whole lot to cheer about. baumgartner, gave up one run. and here it is, mike grabbed it in first with runners at first and third. there they go! slays it and the mad bump, a little to cover, the run score 1-0, they would add an insurance run but this is a weird play, oezy loses -- posey loses the handle on his bat, hits that fan on the shoulder. tell you what, made him feel a lot better. buster says yeah, go ahead. notice how quickly the smile returns on the shoulder. >> went through the screen? >> yeah, 2-0, the giants lose. and that's pretty much your deal.
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>> all right. thanks for joining us. good night. >> good night. brought to you by bank of the west. go west. bank of the west.
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